Posters edition 2017

The call for scientific abstracts is closed.

About 60 research posters will be presented at the knowledge for growth 2017 conference.

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Proximity labeling approaches to study protein behavior in the cell and membrane topology

Presenting Author: Sebastian Tanco, Postdoctoral researcher, VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology

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Endotoxin removal from type A gelatin using surfactants

Presenting Author: Jos Olijve, Project Manager, Rousselot

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Gold nanoparticles in cancer theranostics: cytotoxicity assessment on healthy cells

Presenting Author: Noami Daems, PhD student, SCK•CEN/UNamur

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Environmental programming of respiratory allergy: utility of a child’s spit epigenome.

Presenting Author: Sabine Langie, Postdoc, Flemish Institute of Technological Research (VITO)

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FTIR spectroscopy as a fast multi-parametric analytical tool for therapeutic proteins

Presenting Author: Allison Derenne, CEO, Spectralys Biotech (ULB)

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Isolation and characterization of urinary extracellular vesicles

Presenting Author: Inge Nelissen, Project Manager, VITO nv

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The role of intercellular communication in radiation-induced atherosclerosis

Presenting Author: Raghda Ramadan, PhD student, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN)/ Ghent University

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Optimisation of simple blood pressure measurement in routine prenatal care

Presenting Author: Sharona Vonck, PhD, Hasselt University

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Inhibition of calpain by a de novo designed intrinsically disordered protein

Presenting Author: Kris Pauwels, FWO postdoctoral fellow, VIB Centre for Structural Biology

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