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Visit 115 booths

We are happy to welcome you at our knowledge for growth exhibition, including 115 booths representing the cream of the life sciences industry.

Promote Knowledge For Growth

Download the official knowledge for growth banner & feel free to use it on your website, social media, e-mails, etc. 

At knowledge for growth, we constantly review and improve our exhibition. In 2018, we have more booths than ever and for the first time, our exhibition runs over two floors of the ICC Ghent, ensuring all exhibitors full visibility and visitor flow.


Booths are unfortunately sold out. To be put on the waiting list, please contact us.


Booths are located on the ground and on the first floor of the conference venue. 

  • Ground floor = where participants will pick up their badge & where the B2B Meeting and Poster Areas are located.
  • First floor = where the lectures will take place (in the Auditorum + Breakout Rooms).


Coffee Breaks and Lunch will be provided both on the Ground and on the First Floor.
The Closing Reception will take place on the First Floor.
Exhibitors with a booth on the First Floor can only demount their booth AFTER the closing reception.



All booths chosen

Ground Floor

ground floor




Main Entrance
Registration Area
Poster Area
B2B Meetings

First Floor





Exhibitor registration

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All booths chosen

Ground Floor

ground floor




Main Entrance
Registration Area
Poster Area
B2B Meetings

First Floor





Your booth

This is what we automatically foresee on your booth (included in your package, no extra cost):

  • Side and back walls (depending on your booth location)
  • Electricity (1800 W – 230 V) & multiple socket with 3 connections
  • Wireless internet access
  • We can also foresee the following items (no extra cost). In case you do not need them, please UNTICK:

1 table (1m80x50 cm) with nap

2 chairs

2 spots

Needed options

Company information

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Through on-site presence you can put your company or organisation in the spotlight during the most important networking event of the year for the life sciences sector, attended by 1,300 high-level life sciences actors from about 550 companies & organisations!

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Exhibitor Package
Deadline to reserve a booth: 23/03/2018

€ 1500

VAT excluded

€ 2500

VAT excluded

The Exhibitor Package includes:

  • 6 sqm floor space in the exhibition hall (measurements inside: 1m90 deep x 2m90 wide)
  • each booth is equipped with 2 spots (halogeen – 100 W / spot)
  • 1 table (1m80x50 cm) with nap & up to 2 chairs
  • back walls and - depending on the location of your booth - side walls (building and dismantling included)
  • wireless internet access
  • electricity (1 600 W)
  • 2 participant entry passes (! please note that people that staff your booth also count for an entry pass) with access to the knowledge for growth partnering tool that enables you to schedule meetings with potential partners on your booth
  • your company logo, company description & company categorization on the kfg website and in the kfg APP
  • your company categorization in the printed KfG catalogue that will be distributed on 17 May
  • NOT INCLUDED: liability insurance

Option: Additional 6sqm floor space

€ 600

VAT excluded

€ 1000

VAT excluded

Option: Premium booth (= booth with extra visibility)

€ 300

VAT excluded

€ 500

VAT excluded

Option: Recruitment package

€ 250

VAT excluded

€ 425

VAT excluded

This package includes:

  • Your company identified as a recruiting company in the dedicated emailings we will send to our database of graduating students and job-seekers in the life sciences.
  • Your company logo & recruitment profile on the kfg website and in the kfg app.
  • Your company mentioned as a recruiting company in the printed kfg catalogue that will be distributed on 17 May.
  • Recruitment sign on your booth.

All exhibitors



Please do not forget to register ALL individual delegates of your company (this also counts for booth staff).


Proceed to the delegate registration form.

  • You can use the option EXHIBITOR/SPONSOR twice.
  • If you want to register more than 2 delegates, please use the option GENERAL DELEGATE for each additional registration.



Have a look at the floor plan and list of exhibitors.

  • Booths 1-68 are located on the Arteveldeforum (ground floor)
  • Booths 69-115 are located on the Minneplein (1st floor).


A 6sqm booth is 3m widex2m deep (measurements inside: 1m90 deep x 2m90 wide, 2m50 high).




  • Provide us with your design and we will have it printed on the panels!
    Cost to have 1 panel printed = 125 EUR VAT excluded
    A standard booth (not a corner booth) has 7 walls in total
    Deadline to sign up for this service has closed.

    Cost for a 40 inch plasma screen as in the picture below:
    185€ + VAT 


  • Order extra furniture
    Do you prefer a cocktail table with chairs on your booth? We can order it for you!


  • Sit back and relax: our member company Voxdale takes care of a custom booth lay-out based on your input
    Cost for a 6sqm booth: 2000 EUR VAT excluded for design & print of the walls / 4500 EUR VAT excluded for walls and equipment 
    Deadline to register for this option has closed.



You can mount your booth

  • on 16 May between 11 am and 5 pm OR
  • on 17 May between 7 am and 8:15 am.

All booths should be set up on 17 May by 8:15 am.


  • Delegate registration starts at 8:00 am.
    Each registered participant will receive an e-mail a few days before the conference, with a unique QR Entrance Code that will be scanned at the registration desks on May 17th, and create a name badge.
  • The programme of lectures will start at about 8:45 am.
  • Traffic at your booth will be high during the catering moments*:
    8:00–8:45 am: welcome coffee
    10:45–11:30 am: coffee break
    12:50–2:30 pm: lunch
    3:50–4:45 pm: coffee break
    The closing reception (from 6:00 pm onwards) will take place on the 1st Floor.

    * for exhibitors free catering will be provided during the entire day at the different catering spots.


You can demount your booth on 17 May between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
!! Booths on the First Floor can only be demounted AFTER the closing reception (from 7:15 PM onwards).


In case you want to ship material to the conference, please note that this is the delivery address:

Ghent ICC - International Convention Center Ghent
To the attention of Lies Geerts

Van Rysselberghedreef 2 bus 1 - Citadelpark
9000 GENT

Please clearly label your shipment with 'knowledge for growth 2018 + company name + booth number'

We request that shipments arrive between 14/05 8AM & 16/05 5PM at the latest!

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