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Lissa Van Hecke

Event Coordinator

+32 9 241 80 41

Collaboration is key

Everyone understands this. Only a few actually apply this concept. NautaDutilh provides you with the opportunity to benefit from it during this year’s knowledge for growth.   

Our legal experts team up with business experts.

In order to launch an idea or concept, companies need technical and scientific know-how and of course sufficient funding. They also need legal expertise. Most young entrepreneurs are aware of this fact but, based on our experience, tend to lose sight of it in their hectic day-to-day lives. Having one point of contact helps them in this respect.

That's why we've come up with the idea of providing you with an opportunity to meet five legal experts and three business experts in crucial aspects of company life (fundraising and acquisitions, the negotiation of research and licensing agreements, data protection, taxation and tax incentives for innovation, and of course regulatory issues).

On this occasion, we'll provide you with answers to your legal questions and practical advice. Too often, lawyers approach the problems of their clients as abstract legal issues. We, on the other hand, view our clients' issues as practical questions which require pragmatic solutions.

Come meet and speak with experienced legal and business experts. Learn from us and let us learn from you in return.

Partnering Tool

Partnering Tool

You can request your meeting with the experts in the knowledge for growth APP. Please find how to install this here. Once the expert accepts your meeting request, you will be notified via email and in the app.

The experts are: 

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