Karim Vermaelen

Karim Vermaelen

Karim Vermaelen

Lung Cancer Specialist - Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent)

Prof. Dr. Karim Vermaelen is a lung cancer specialist at Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent) and associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of UGent. He obtained a PhD on dendritic cell immunobiology in the lung. Currently he leads the research and clinical development of a dendritic cell-based vaccine against lung cancer for UZ Gent. In addition, his research group is involved in translational research on predictive biomarkers for lung cancer immunotherapy.


Karim Vermaelen is (co-)author of more than 50 papers specifically in the field of immunology and cancer. In 2016 he was co-founder of the Immuno-Oncology Network (ION) Ghent, an expertise network aiming to connect and promote fundamental, translational and clinical research in cancer immunology and immunotherapy across the campus in Ghent.


Karim Vermaelen will give a presentation in the session "Future Platforms to DISCOVER":


"Cancer Immunotherapy -beyond the horizon of checkpoint inhibitors”
Immune checkpoint inhibitors have revitalized the concept of cancer immunotherapy by delivering tangible results in a large number of solid tumors. Still, only a minority of patients derive durable clinical benefit from these new, expensive drugs.
The challenge in the field today is to build further on the current momentum and increase responses in a larger population of cancer patients. The two main strategies will be discussed, i.e. the search for better predictive biomarkers, and the rational development of new combination immunotherapies.
It can be foreseen that, catalyzed by technological advances, both axes will converge in the near future and herald the era of "personalized immuno-oncology" for daily clinical practice."

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