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On May 9th 2019, researchers working on a research project within the broad spectrum of life sciences, i.e. healthcare, agriculture and food or industrial applications, can present their research to the 1200+ participants from 550+ life sciences companies and organisations.

The scientific committee has made a selection of the 10 pitches that will be presented in the R2B session (PM). You can find them below and on the programme.
All abstracts will also be published on this page.
All other posters are still in the running to win a Poster Award.

Researchers from both academic institutes & industry have submitted an abstract and will be able to present their research with a scientific poster at #kfg2019. All posters will be displayed on the ground floor of the conference venue. 

A scientific committee has selected 10 abstracts to present their research with a presentation in the Research 2 Business session on the official knowledge for growth programme (2PM30 - 4PM). Click on the link to view the abstract and its presenter(s).

  1. Endosphere bacteria as a tool for sustainable agriculture 
  2. Sensitive mRNA expression quantification by ViewRNA for high-throughput screening in human Huntington's disease embryonic stem cells 
  3. Towards a better characterized, broadly applicable, and safer DNA-based antibody platform
  4. Bridging the Clinical Gap for DNA-based Antibody Therapy through Translational Studies in Sheep 
  5. Laser-induced vapour nanobubbles: a novel strategy to eradicate bacterial biofilms
  6. Uncovering the strain-level genetic variation of major gut microbiota components
  7. Intramuscular and intratumoral DNA-based delivery of checkpoint-inhibiting antibodies enable significant efficacy despite distinct exposure
  8. DNA Methylation Repels Binding of HIF Transcription Factors to Maintain Tumour Immunotolerance
  9. Epithelial HMGB1 delays skin wound healing and drives tumor initiation by priming neutrophils to NETosis
  10. Disease relevant in vitro assays for amytrophic lateral sclerosis in motor neurons derived from control and patient iPSCs 

There will be 2 awards presented by the scientific committee in the plenary closing session of the day:

  • one presenter award for the best presentation in the R2B session (worth 400 EUR)
  • one poster award for the best poster (worth 200 EUR)


Our Scientific Committee for the 15th edition of knowledge for growth consists of:

  • Christophe Reuzeau (Cropdesign)
  • Pieter Peeters (Janssen Pharmaceutica)
  • Silvie Van den Hoecke & Wai Long Tam (VIB)






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