Innovative R&D antibodies for the detection & immunomonitoring of auto-immune and cancer patients

1. As evolution progresses, camelids have developed the innate ability to generate small immunoglobulins (80 kDa) lacking light chain regions, so-called heavy chain-only antibodies (HCAbs). The smallest functional fragment of this HCAb is a single chain domain named VHH.

SYnAbs developed a unique secondary monoclonal antibody recognizing the 7 different J regions of VHH allowing the detection, quantification, and purification of ALL VHHs!

2. The involvement of IgG4 in disease is increasingly recognized, making IgG4 a crucial biomarker to monitor in patients. Unfortunately, no reference on the market is able to specifically target IgG4 without cross-reacting with other human isotypes.

In order to effectively monitor IgG4 concentration in serum of patients, SynAbs has developed a unique rat anti-human IgG4 monoclonal antibody of extreme specificity, no cross-reacting with other human isotypes.

3. Measurement of CAR expression at the cell surface is crucial to understanding the activity and persistence of CAR-T cells in the human body. In fact, safety concerns related to the inability to control CAR-T cells once infused into the patient remains a significant challenge.

For the moment, this analysis is commonly performed thanks to:
- polyclonal antibody but with high batch-to-batch variations,
- protein L but without the ability to detect lambda light chain or
- co-expression of a marker like tEGFR, SSTR2 but with an impact on the expression or activity of the CAR.

For all these reasons, SynAbs has developed a universal rat Anti-CAR-T monoclonal antibody recognizing any CAR-T construct.


Julien Isoard


SYnAbs S.A.

Presenting author

Julien Isoard, Business & Marketing Director, SYnAbs S.A.
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