Start your biotech business in the accessible bio-incubator

Although Flanders is home to one of Europe's most important biotech valleys, there doesn't exist an accessible bio-incubator for prototyping, developing a proof-of-concept or preliminary results.
Most bio-incubators are huge and highly advanced, with a corresponding price tag, and commonly affiliated with a university or company. The common practice is for spin-offs to originate from a University setting where the first results are obtained. However if you have an idea, a concept that you want to investigate but are not part of a University nor an established company, it is fairly impossible to start your exploration.

Therefore the BioMedical Science Center Brussels , the center of expertise affiliated with the professional bachelor program Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, started the Accessible Bio-Incubator in October 2019. For a reasonable sum starter-ups in (life)sciences can develop their prototype or proof-of-concept without losing their intellectual property. This is especially interesting for masters and PhD's that want to study a topic not-congruent with the research line of the lab they graduated from.
Additionally, companies can hire our students Biomedical Laboratory Sciences to start testing or researching for them.

The Accessible Bio-Incubator offers four different packages of support.
1. Rental of the space. You only rent our equipped research infrastructure for your employees to perform the experiments.
2. Contract research by our researchers. The accessible bio-incubator is part of the BioMedical Science Center, affiliated with the BA Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. Their lecturers are hired to co-design the experimental protocol and carry out your experiments.
3. Contract research by the bachelor students Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. Our students will carry-out your tests (under supervision of a lecturer).
4. Consultancy: are you looking for a tailor-made workshop? Our team can assist you.

The Accessible Bio-Incubator has been realized with the support of Blikopener , a collaboration between VLAIO and VLHORA. Blikopener is the so-called "knowledge diffusion instrument" created to optimize collaboration between University Colleges of Applied Sciences and Arts and the professional field. Within this instrument, VLAIO wants to support the University Colleges to further develop their advice and and services to professional field field partners, in particular SMEs and social profit organizations within Flanders.


Tom Peeters


Erasmus Brussels University for Applied Sciences and Arts (Erasmushogeschool Brussel)

Presenting author

Tom Peeters, Senior Scientist, Erasmushogeschool Brussel
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