TRANSVAC - Transforming the European vaccine landscape

Vaccines are one of the most successful and cost-effective public health tools for disease prevention. Their value has been demonstrated as never before in the current COVID-19 crisis. Vaccine development, however, is lengthy and complex, requiring a broad range of specialised technical skills and expertise. TRANSVAC aims to tackle such issues related to vaccine development. TRANSVAC is a distributed research infrastructure network that under a single umbrella integrates 26 long-term institutional partners and their facilities from 10 European countries. Overall goal of TRANSVAC is to improve and accelerate the development of urgently needed vaccines for human and veterinary diseases.

This is achieved by offering critical services related to vaccine development to the scientific community. In particular, TRANSVAC´s scientific-technical services and training are two cornerstones of TRANSVAC´s concerted effort. Currently, scientific-technical services are offered across four platforms: (i) Technology, (ii) Immunocorrelates & Systems Biology, (iii) Animal models, and (iv) Regulatory and Clinical Trials Support. Concomitantly, TRANSVAC trainings provide fundamental and advanced knowledge on a wide-range of vaccine development-related fields at leading European centres.

Since its beginning in 2009, TRANSVAC has provided more than 100 scientific-technical services to approximately 60 different vaccine development projects at different stages of the development path. Regarding TRANSVAC trainings, subjects covered by the training offered range from analytical research-oriented techniques, clinical and process development to regulatory aspects. The courses have a geographically far-reaching impact, as applicants' provenance spans over European, Asian and African countries. Trainings are provided by academic research institutes with support of industrial collaborators. About two hundred applications for training have been awarded.
Currently funded by the European Commission, TRANSVAC is now rapidly advancing with the establishment of a sustainable European Vaccine Infrastructure that in the future will enable to provide support to vaccine development in a stable manner and to achieve a significant socio-economic impact, independent of project funding. Therefore, the consortium is keen to engage with all stakeholders interested to tailor its offer to the need of the vaccine development community.

EU funding received via grant agreements No. 730964 and 951668.


Hilde Depraetere (1), Monika Slezak (1), Stefan Jungbluth (1), on behalf of the TRANSVAC Consortium Partners (2)


(1): European Vaccine Initiative (TRANSVAC Coordinator) (2): TRANSVAC: please see for the full list of participating organisations

Presenting author

Stefan Jungbluth, Head of Business Development, European Vaccine Initiative (EVI)
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