CER Groupe

CER Groupe

CER Groupe

CER Groupe is a Belgian Collective Research Centre supporting human and veterinary health by providing products, research and services to companies active in the biotech, medtech, pharma, food and agrotech fields.


Our integrated discovery and development platform is focused on non-clinical development, biomanufacturing (antibodies, proteins and viral vectors) and food & feed testing services, all supported by high-tech analytical platforms (including immunomonitoring, proteomic, metabolomic, in vitro & in vivo imaging).


We are mainly active in immunology, oncology, cell & gene therapy, infectiology and medical device sectors, with a strong track record of successful collaborations. Thanks to our 15000 sqm of operational facilities, our 200+ collaborators and our 45+ years of expertise, we are committed to offer flexible, tailored and integrated solutions, from hit discovery to lead toxicity evaluation and routine services, at the highest quality standards (ISO9001, ISO17025 and GLP).


Visit our website www.cergroupe.be and follow us on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/cer-groupe to get the latest news

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