Comate Engineering & Design

Comate Engineering & Design

Comate Engineering & Design

At Comate our Healthcare team is 100% focused on supporting our customers in the development of innovative medical devices that change patients' lives. We offer end-to-end services that cover the whole journey from an innovative idea all the way to a completely engineered and developed product ready for large-scale manufacturing and certification.

With over 10 years of experience with medical device development, we are the expert partner to support you in the development of your next medical innovation. Be it an implantable neuro-stimulator, a set of surgical instruments, a wearable for patient monitoring, an IVD point-of-care device, or rehabilitation equipment. We have the specific knowledge (ISO 13485, MDR, …) and offer a complete package, from product development (mechanics + electronics) to innovation management and QARA.

In 2022 Comate Design & Engineering joined forces with Zenso Electronics, a team with a lot of experience for developing the next generation active implantables, neuro-stimulators.

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