GEVERS is located in the heart of Europe with 10 offices in Belgium and France. We are your IP partner with more than 120 years of experience providing a range of advice and services for the creation, development, management, protection and exploitation of Intellectual Property (IP) rights. The 360° approach to IP strategy explains the value and necessity of creating and maintaining IP rights within an organisation: identify, protect, monetise and enforce.


GEVERS offers its clients the opportunity to develop and protect their innovations through intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, copyright, trade secrets, technology transfers, or through tax benefits.


GEVERS has highly-educated attorneys with a superior technical background and is involved in innovation in many sectors. We have a strong team, providing optimal support, in Pharma, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Life Sciences and AI expertise in medicine, microfluidics in diagnostics, MedTec bio coatings.

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