Science Park University of Antwerp

Science Park University of Antwerp

Science Park University of Antwerp

The Science Park University of Antwerp is a unique hub for innovative, research-driven companies active within Health & Environment. From start-up to multinational: companies in every growth phase are welcome to enjoy the benefits that arise from the confluence of knowledge and entrepreneurship.

With labs, office space, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and conference facilities, the Science Park offers a tailor-made solution for every company's unique infrastructural need. And all of that surrounded by a green environment.


In addition, the Science Park stimulates the establishment of innovative clusters around domains such as respiratory innovation (eu.reca), ATMPs (at.las) and microbiome. In other words, companies are entering an enriching ecosystem in which collaboration between various stakeholders is key. The strong link with the knowledge institutions and the University Hospital Antwerp offers unique opportunities to bring innovations to the market at an accelerated pace.


Incubator Darwin is the beating heart of the Science Park University of Antwerp. Darwin is choosing for a professional start, a dynamic community and a great place to work among fellow entrepreneurs. Thanks to the unburdening services and the wide network of specialized service providers (HR, legal advice, IP, taxation, funding, ...), as a company in Darwin, you seize all opportunities to grow successfully and without barriers.

Registrations are now open!

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