Voxdale, your innovative design & engineering partner for success. To be successful in a competitive market, you need disruptive, innovative and high-performing solutions. Voxdale has a proven 15-year track record of working with and for start-ups, scale-ups, and multinationals, designing and developing products to meet business and consumer needs. Our team of seasoned experts, industrial designers and engineers will transform your ideas, technology and specific knowledge into powerful medical devices. We have state-of-the-art simulation and prototyping tools to put your products through an accelerated development process.


If you are developing medical devices, Voxdale can support you through each stage of the process, including:


  • technical brainstorming;
  • setting user specifications;
  • concept generation;
  • UX design;
  • technology integration;
  • product design;
  • intellectual property building;
  • technology feasibility testing;
  • prototype building;
  • testing and validation;
  • first o-series construction;
  • assembly and manufacturing design.


The human aspect of market acceptance is always taken into account from the outset. A device's manufacturability will be a constant consideration throughout the product development process, whilst respecting the business model and competitive market pricing.

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