Andrey Khmelevskiy

Andrey Khmelevskiy

Andrey Khmelevskiy

CEO & Founder - Asylia Diagnostics

Andrey is a technological enthusiast, an entrepreneur and athlete who has background in computer science. He has a strong experience in building innovative IT solutions in variety of industries covering such different sectors as petroleum, cartography, genomics and biotechnology. He is a goal-oriented, energetic and positive leader who can charm, coach and guide. People say that his out of the box thinking combined with ability to mix approaches from different domains create his key ability to find solutions in every situation.

Andrey is the founder of InsideDNA, winner of Startup Battlefield at #TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016, Alumni of Bayer G4A Dealmaker 2017 Berlin.

Andrey is a co-founder, CEO and CTO of:

InsideDNA Consulting - a consulting company that helps biotech and pharma to develop biomarker strategies and to reduce risks of pre-clinical and clinical trials and provide a more refined stratification plan, consequently increasing specificity and success rates.

InsideDNA Discovery - a SAAS platform that enables faster drug target discovery with the help of machine learning, artificial intelligence and *omics technologies. It accelerates the process of finding new drug targets based on existing literature, chemical and DNA datasets.

InsideDNA Research - a SAAS computing platform for reproducible research in bioinformatics, genomics and life science. It helps institutions and organizations to speed up research and process large genomics, metagenomics and proteomic data in no time.

Prior to founding InsideDNA, Andrey has built two successful companies in the UK focusing on delivering high quality analytics to companies which needed to integrate spatial data into their workflows. Andrey has also worked as a team lead and a consultant for large petroleum, engineering, consulting, governmental, NGO and startup companies (including Aramco, TNK-BP, Capita Symonds, London Transport Agency, WWF, IHS) Strategic Partners Supporting Partners