Carlo Boutton

Carlo Boutton

Carlo Boutton

CSO - Biotalys

Carlo Boutton obtained his PhD in 1999 at the University of Leuven (Belgium) on a subject that investigated the physico-chemical behavior of proteins under high-electromagnetic (laser) fields.

After his PhD, he joined Algonomics, a small start-up that focused on rational design of protein therapeutics in the broad field of immunotherapy.

In 2003 he moved to Tibotec (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) where he supported multiple HIV and HCV drug discovery programs by applying structure-based drug design and chemo-informatics methodologies.

He started working with Nanobody VHHs in 2007 when joining Ablynx where he held various positions. During his Ablynx tenure he mainly focused on innovation and improvements of the NANOBODY® platform. He explored novel therapeutic applications for single domain antibodies, such as multispecifics, immunotherapeutics and antibody-drug-conjugates. He also led the bioinformatics team there and became an expert in Nanobody sequence analyses . After the acquisition of Ablynx by Sanofi he continued focusing on innovation and was promoted to Global Head Innovation for Large Molecules Research to outline and coordinate the innovation strategy of all biological modalities, including Nanobodies, antibodies and cytokines.

In May 2022 he was appointed CSO at Biotalys to further develop the Agrobody technology platform and build the research pipeline.

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