Maxime Dedecker

Maxime Dedecker

Maxime Dedecker

Manager - 2Grow

Growing up on the countryside I was raised with respect and a passion for nature. The pleasure of catching tadpoles in spring, climbing trees and being surrounded by animals contributed to my choice of studies. I would be come a bioengineer.
In 2015 I obtained my master’s and built on that with a degree in business economics. After a few years as a business manager in engineering consulting, I felt something was missing. I wanted to come closer again to plants and animals.

That’s when I discovered 2Grow. A company that develops sensors to provide real-time feedback from plants: very cool! I took the leap and hoped to really make a difference. What an understatement that would turn out to be.
During my five years with 2Grow, the company has grown from 20 to 400 clients worldwide.

My main responsibility has been international service translating digital sensor data to something our clients can understand. As the understanding grows, we can leverage the data to optimize the yield and growing efficiency. I personally believe we should convert these gains into giving back to nature. Every gain in efficiency creates an opportunity to give back surface area to nature. This is the purpose of 2Grow an myself: let’s give Earth its surface

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