Najoua Dendouga

Najoua Dendouga

Najoua Dendouga

Director Business Development, Vaccine R&D - GSK Vaccines

Najoua Dendouga, Ph.D., MBA joined GSK in 2008 and leads broad Vaccines R&D Licensing and Intellectual Property management efforts as Senior Director of Licensing and New Ventures. Her area of expertise span from platform technology to therapeutic areas.

Najoua holds > two decades of broad experience in R&D, manufacturing and commercial business development, with Universities technology transfer, Biotech, new ventures as well as large pharmaceutical company. She is a skilled strategist in the areas of financial, scientific and regulatory, product launches and crisis management.

Before joining GSK, Najoua was Head of R&D Viral vaccines & diagnostics as well as business Development at MUbio. Prior to that she was R&D project lead at Johnson & Johnson in various field of Infectious disease and Oncology.

She earned a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Medicine Montpellier, France (Infectious Diseases)

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